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We create original content for social media . . . and lots of it. No more worrying about having enough content to post. We develop ongoing, signature experiences around your product—and only your product. All designed to create excitement, greater customer participation and a more informed buyer. Keeping your product fresh, distinguishable, memorable, and driving traffic.

Content Marketing : A Case Study in Tourism

Objective: Social media campaign to promote a tour for a Hawaiian based tourism company.
Solution: Send Edwin to Thailand and Bali to produce a series of "postcards" (vignettes) designed to entice prospects to book the tour.

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Each impression, released weekly, helps the tour build excitement and value as the prospects identify with the trip on a more intimate level. This method is a welcomed alternative to the obtrusive ads prospects endure on a daily basis in today's loud, saturated, social media environment.

Result: Tour was sold out in half the time of the previous year.

"Know that original content lives forever. When weighing the return on investment between traditional online advertising and developing original content, remember that ads are fleeting, but content lives forever." - David Chait, The Grind

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