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©Edwin Benoît

©Edwin Benoît

We improve your sales. We develop the custom sales programs you need to exploit every revenue opportunity. Tools specifically designed to streamline your sales cycle, close deals quicker, enhance your brand, and ensure repeat business. All while providing your customer with a quicker, (more informed) purchasing experience 

But why change? Because your customers are changing. In today's digital world, they're making buying decisions in less time and with far less information. So what do you do? Take greater control of their purchasing process. And we make custom sales programs to do it, helping create the leverage you need to convert every sale.

FUN FACT: On average, we help increase sales for our clients by 40%-60%. See how it works . . .

Custom Online Sales Tools

Sales are about influencing a purchasing decision—and it goes far beyond the talents of your account executive. Today, prospects often have their "team" of decision-makers who ultimately determine if your proposal will be accepted.

So how do you take part in that discussion? Online sales tools ... addressing every issue. Why? Because approval only comes when everyone is sold. This means you influence purchasing decisions—without even being in the room.

And now with the sales tool doing the heavy-lifting, sales cycles are sped up, allowing your sales team to pitch more prospects, more effectively and more often; thus, maximizing your entire sales effort.

Remember: Regardless of how well your prospect is sold, if your prospect is not equipped to resell your concept to his/her entire team (on their terms) you will not convert the sale.

Photo of Kris Krane by Edwin Benoît

Photo of Kris Krane by Edwin Benoît

"We brought Edwin in to create a sales program to improve our sales. What he came up with was a two-step approach. First, a highly designed 56-page sales booklet that outlined the offering and set the tone for the company. We hand out the booklets to qualified prospects, then follow up with the online sales tool designed to help our prospects close deals with their teams. This custom sales program has proven very effective. So much so, we're turning away business in certain marketplaces. No doubt, that's great news for our company." - Kris Krane, director, 4Front Advisors

How It Works

See how it works . . .

See how it works . . .

And the best part? Online sales tools are extremely versatile. You can have several targeting specific industries, prospects and deals—all at the same time. Not to mention, constantly being modified and recalibrated to improve performance and close deals quicker.

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What Sales Do We Specialize In?

We develop custom sales programs for the arts (including performing arts), property development sales and entertainment sales. We also specialize in hospitality sales, such as resort sales, hotel sales, and of course, tourism sales. We also help causes with non-profit donor sales. And of course, any product sales and/or business sales we feel we can help convert.

But . . .

Sales is only part two of the equation. Marketing initiatives to maximize traffic and custom training programs to solidify the repeat customer also need to be implemented for greatest effect.

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