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You are arguably in the most competitive industry known with so many causes all fighting for the same dollar. Successful non-profits have the unique ability to create willing participates. They do so by building value and urgency into their causes. But how do you get donors to fund your long game and give more per contribution?

Different donors give in different ways and for different reasons. The key is to implement marketing systems that give you the flexibility to extend donor cycles across the board, all while preserving valuable resources.

Why Elevate The Experience?

We have extensive experience with non-profits. We incorporate for-profit marketing and sales methods into non-profit settings to help create a donor base that you can count on year after year. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization raise the donations it seeks and the awareness it needs.

©Edwin Benoit

©Edwin Benoit

"Edwin understands the human condition."

- Melissa Simon, President, C.I. Inc.

Hope Shelter

Telling A Story Through Images

On a warm summer afternoon, Edwin is invited to photograph a shelter for girls who are homeless either because their parents have been sent away to prison or simply have no means to care for them. The girls' shared experiences of dejection, hurt and confusion turn into immense support, respect and love for one another (and their caretakers) as they naturally form a unique and enduring sisterhood.

On this particular day, one girl is being adopted by a new family. After she tidies her room and parting gifts are exchanged (the seashell she puts to her ear), a tradition ensues as all the girls team together to carry her belongings to the car, which sits idle at the curb. They all hold each other tightly for a long moment, knowing in their own way, that even though they may never see each other again, they will always remain sisters. As hands wave "Bye...", a sadness drapes over the home. And for the girls who remain, hugs come from every direction, filling their hearts again with hope as they dash to the window, looking and listening for that next call from a family who might want to give them a home too. (Set against the song Daughters by John Mayer. All photography by Edwin Benoît.)

We Drive Donations For :

Abject Poverty

©Edwin Benoît

Special Needs

©Edwin Benoît

Disaster Services

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©Edwin Benoît

Infrastructure and Development

©Edwin Benoît

What We Are

Learn about our company . . .

Learn about our company . . .

What We Do

Marketing > We help identify what drives specific audiences to your cause. Whether it's the general public, individual donors or corporate donors.

Sales > We help you retain sponsorship. We design custom presentations targeting corporate board members, fundraising events and prospective donors online.

Training > For organizations with greater reach and several volunteers, we develop custom, online training programs on every topic. 

Social Media > We create content based on your cause and how you're making a difference. All designed to educate and cultivate your audience.

Photography > We capture the story lines, nuance and personalities behind the struggle as well as document the progress your non-profit has made.

Design > We package your cause and fine tune its identity through whenever marketing materials you need—from brochures and mobile friendly websites to online sales tools and beyond.

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Let's discuss how to increase donations for your cause . . .

Let's discuss how to increase donations for your cause . . .

We Drive Donations For : (cont.)

Adult & Youth Disabilities
Animal Welfare
At Risk Youth
Battered Women
Cerebral Palsy
Child Abuse Prevention
Child Development
Domestic Violence
Eye Care/Blindness
Fine Arts/Music
Historic Preservation
Hunger Relief
Medical Research

Always remember:
We never lose sight of your cause as an experience.
Our job is to elevate that experience.