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We package and empower your vision.

We create fine art photography for interior designers; the custom artwork specifically designed to enhance retail spaces.

We create the visual narratives graphic designers use to enhance the marketing campaigns for their clients. Whatever stories you need to convey through imagery, we produce.

We create marketing materials. The tools needed to promote you, the artist, from the outside looking in. Packaging you in terms of your commercial viability. All designed to target new accounts, sure up old ones and expand your reach.

We create the imagery for social media. Specifically designed to enhance the content and storytelling for bloggers.

We Empower :


Graphic Designers

 ©Edwin Benoît

 ©Edwin Benoît

No longer do you have to negotiate usage fees with a stock agency over an image you're lukewarm about, struggling to make work or have seen somewhere else. Instead, you create the shot list for your project and Edwin does the rest; creating a custom corporate photo library with every imaginable image you need to design your project. Images that are designed for your project. Saving you and your clients the time, money and grief of not having the exact images you want.

Interior Designers

 ©Edwin Benoît

Creating functional living and working environments come with its challenges. Your design is three dimensional, tactile, colorful and perhaps the most personal of them all. It is a complex sell. You are part mind-reader, consultant, director, psychologist and best friend. Time is money and you want new clients to understand your aesthetic (on every level) right out of the box. We do that. Video presentations, websites, the entire package.


© Edwin Benoît

Bloggers are writers, poets and journalists rolled into one. Your power and value is only measured in your ability to develop and retain your audience.

We provide you with the dynamic, customized content you want and need to enhance every message you post—and at the level your followers expect.

Fashion Designers

©Edwin Benoît

We see your work as art. We seek the balance between your art and its commercial responsibility as a product to its retailers. A focus that is dynamic, rich with content and above all, viable. And we welcome the opportunity to tell your story. Not only as the person behind the art, but the artist behind the statement.


Designers need the sales tools to ensure a more profitable result in commercial environments. We're here to help you in that process.

 ©Edwin Benoît

"Now I know what a top chef feels like with a fully stocked pantry. Having a photo library shot just for my client really helps take my work to the next level."

- Justin Martin, graphic designer

What We Are

Learn about our company . . .

Learn about our company . . .

What We Do

Marketing > We help package and position your design services in competitive markets. Not only seen for your signature design approach, but more importantly, seen as the best design solution for your customers.

Sales > We help construct the sale, build value in your offering and build the confidence your client needs to invest in you and your talent.

Social Media > We create dynamic content based on your designs and the world according to your vision. We continue to feed and cultivate your social media initiatives by implementing ongoing programs.

Commercial Photography > We create custom photo libraries for your commercial clients. Capturing the story lines, the signature nuance and the warmth of people behind the products. All to be used for marketing and sales.

Fine Art Photography > We create fine art (including mixed media) for commercial spaces—creating whatever visual impact you envision. For example, below is an example as to how custom imagery can help enhance a resort property:

Design > We package your product and fine tune your corporate identity through whenever marketing materials you need—from brochures to mobile friendly websites to trade show exhibits and beyond.


Our approach . . .


Stay in the loop . . .

Stay in the loop . . .

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Let's discuss how to increase revenue for your design business . . .

Let's discuss how to increase revenue for your design business . . .

Always remember:
We never lose sight of your design as an experience.
Our job is to elevate that experience.