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We maximize revenue for your company. We do this by first evaluating your current sales initiatives, then we design and implement a much more efficient and effective sales program to reach your company's full revenue potential.

A new, cost-effective method designed to not only make your company more competitive, but an industry leader. We service both domestic and international clients.

Here's How . . .

We drive revenue from everywhere.

See how it works . . .

See how it works . . .

Our approach to driving revenue is comprehensive. We position your entire company to excel at every interface with your customer; turning your prospects into customers and your customers into repeat customers.

How? We empower your marketing team to drive traffic, ensure your sales team converts sales and equip your trainers to improve customer service.

We're multifaceted.

For example, suppose you're promoting a resort property. We not only specialize in hospitality, but all other related disciplines such as tourism, entertainment, the arts, development, and retail. Why? Because dynamic brands drive revenue.


We identify, elevate and leverage the true experience your product offers.

Creative director Edwin Benoît creates the imagery for every project. His innate understanding of a product's capabilities is his strength. Click below to learn more:

Explore the photography now . . .

Explore the photography now . . .

We employ "strategic design."

We are realists, who focus on your company’s innovation, ability to compete in its marketplace and its revenue requirements. At the same time, we drive change by leading with fresh ideas and adapting to market trends in an evolving digital world.

We fuel all content marketing initiatives for social media.

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Our mindset? We're not interested in making your product something for everyone, but everything to someone. So we create rich, ongoing content for social media—designed to cultivate your audience and influence their purchasing decisions. Click below to learn more:

Explore our approach to content marketing now . . .

Explore our approach to content marketing now . . .

We attack the expense side of the ledger.

High production costs often hinder great sales initiatives. So we introduce new methods to streamline every process relating to production. All designed to increase revenue opportunities, reduce production costs and drive dollars to your bottom line.

Note: Actual results do vary.

Note: Actual results do vary.

"While other companies push spreadsheets and graphs on the 'what', 'when' and 'where' customers purchase, Elevate The Experience pursues the 'why'—the most important factor of them all. A proven creative asset for any marketing or sales effort."

Frank Forelle,  Managing Director, Head of Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate at Deutsche Bank

The Company

Elevate The Experience (ETE) started in 2002 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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True custom.

ETE's approach is both innovative and strategic, designed to utilize a client's existing assets, cut unproductive habits, refocus minds, and empower account executives to succeed through custom sales tools. This grows their business quickly—especially in competitive business environments.

Performance engineered.

Sales is the engine of your company. The speed by which your company advances depends on the build, capacity and strength of your power plant. You hire ETE as your chief engineer to ensure you get the maximum output you need to excel through ongoing market trends.

Greater depth.

ETE influences purchasing decisions. An approach that's intuitive, organic and engages subtle nuance and affect; rather than the removed, scientific approach that's more commonly practiced by other firms. As a result, ETE delivers very compelling brands that audiences identify with more on a visceral level, rather than a commercial one. Ultimately attracting long-term commitments through trust and value.


Photo of Edwin Benoît by Rick Peterson

Photo of Edwin Benoît by Rick Peterson

Edwin Benoît is the principal, creative director and photographer at Elevate The Experience.

His career started in sales development for social networking companies, improving sales conversion rates (on average) by 64% for his clients.

He then launched Zed Publishing Company, which he founded and co-owned with Hollywood magnate Merv Griffin and The Griffin Group, a division of Merv Griffin Entertainment.

As president and creative director, Edwin led the creative team, which included Merv. Together, they won international acclaim for product design and even joined forces with Hollywood director Tim Burton to explore new product lines. Edwin also managed 150 sales reps across the country, along with 20 international distributors.

After publishing, Edwin created Elevate The Experience, designed to increase the sales performance for companies with unique, signature products. Along with the creative, Edwin also works inclusively with owners to help identify and fix problems related to infrastructure.

Later, he added strategic online sales and training components, even launching the first online Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance training program (of its kind) for US casinos.

Edwin is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BS in Cultural and Sociological Anthropology.


We help cultivate your audience, drive revenue for your company and establish your brand in today's digital world.

Your customers seek an experience,
so together, let's elevate that experience.

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